February 4, 2020
January 23, 2020

What this week's politics teaches us about CLARITY

I've been listening to the democratic debates and the impeachment trials this week and one often repeated line keeps ringing in my ears.  "Let's be clear..."  

Over and over, from candidate to senator to moderator: "Let's be clear", "I want to be clear" "Just to be clear...".

A matter of fact, in Tuesday's CNN Democratic Debate the term was recited 14 times.  For reference, that is more times than the American Care Act, Immigration and the entire concept of JUSTICE---- combined!  (That's 5,2 and 6 respectively).

Why the focus on clarity?  

The concepts being debated on the Senate floor and in the Democratic primaries are complicated and have many extraneous details that aren't always fully understood by the general public.  This is the exact situation when CLARITY is needed to convey a message.  

And it is the exact situation that many clients find themselves in when trying to explain robust software solutions or processes to potential clients.  

So say what you want about the debates and hearings, my main take away is that CLARITY IS KEY!!!

Everyday in the marketplace we see unclear messages that damage a business's chance of connecting their solution with the problems of their consumers.

If you have a great product or service, but your sales aren't where you think they should be- you need to take a strong look at the clarity of your message.

"People don't necessarily buy what's best, they buy what they understand quickly."

Companies fail because their potential customers don't really understand the products or services, or better said, understand the impact on their problems or challenges.  The frequency of this downfall is only made more disheartening by the fact that it disportionately happens with the smartest, most helpful or overall top offerings on the market.  Certainly, otherwise genius business leaders can be so close to their product or service that they totally miss the mark when trying to reach customers.  

But let me be clear, there's a solution!  And, better yet... there's a ton of upside for these companies if they just eliminate the confusion from their messaging!

But those who are confusing are often themselves not confused.  So we've put together the top 4 questions to determine if your message can use some clarity!

1) Do your employees all describe your product or service in the same way?

    A clear message can turn your employees into a natural salesforce.

2) Is your marketing talking about yourself or your customers?

    Focusing your marketing copy on your clients and their needs is the most vital way to ensure you are speaking their language.

3) Can you articulate how your customers most likely talk about your brand to their friends?

    The right messaging let's you control the game of telephone and pretty much write your own script for natural word-of-mouth referrals.

4) Can you easily classify your FAQ's?

    Having the same customer questions come up repeatedly is a red flag for a lack of message clarity.

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion (more to come on the brain science here).  If your offerings aren't clear; customers will look past you and buy from someone they understand. Companies that clarify their messaging win in the marketplace.

* Data taken from debate transcript found at www.desmoinesregister.com/

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