January 15, 2020
May 7, 2018

The Death Of The Website

Information overload.  You’ve heard of this in about a million different ways… advertising frenzy, noise, data dump.  The bottom line is there is no bottom line!

Everyone wants your attention, everyone is selling something.  That’s the way it is.

Platform design – for example, designing an ad for use within Facebook, or an app for use on iOS - has taken over, leaving websites to struggle to find SOMETHING that makes them noticeable.  SOMETHING to make them stand out. 

That’s why recently-launched brand Obsessee is probably on to something. 

The brand- which is looking to attract teens- is pitching itself as the brand with no website.  Or, more positively, the “social-media-only” brand.

What HAPPENS when you have no website?

  • Well, users engage in other ways.
  • They look you up.
  • They see your pictures.
  • They see what they STAND for.

But this is part of another shift that MUST be coming. 

There is no way we will be using “websites” in the same way 10 years from now. 

I can already envision telling my grandchildren… “Oh yes, back in the day when I was in business, we had to type a specific set of words that we called a “web address” into the computer and you found a small, decorated page of information that the company had put there for you to read about it.”

It already sounds so archaic.

The future is more woven into our lives and our daily activities.   We need so much more than a static page of information just sitting there on the web.

Platforms are a start.  Then what?

Other brands are already onto this. 

NowThis, a news brand launched in 2012, went “distributed-only” in 2015.  Like Obesesse, the brand HAS a website, but only to host links to its social media pages.  Going one step further, the site basically mocks itself with the (genius) line “Homepage.  Even the word sounds old.”

For now, these “anti-webpage” companies are pretty niche into the teen/pre-teen market.  I give it another 18 months until we see the spread into more mass-market brands.  Tick…. Tock…..

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