June 9, 2020
June 8, 2020

The Best Answers Start With The Best Questions

Everyone clear on the plan? It’s no secret that these unprecedented times are riddled with confusion. Not the least of which is the plan to reopen. As Chicago embarks on the road toward reopening, we took a closer look at some of the confusion around shelter in place and quarantine, and wondered what we would alter with the benefit of hindsight.  After all, the best answers start with the best questions.

Stanford’s d.school coined one of our favorite techniques for ideation- “How Might We” questions.

The goal with How Might We questions (also called “HMW”) is to focus the ideation while still allowing meaningful and perhaps untraditional concepts to develop.  So, in this case, we want to elicit relevant to the pandemic to ensure the right research is being conducted to keep everyone safe.

Here are our top 10 COVID-19 Questions:

HMW go grocery shopping and be mindful of the employees working there?

HMW prevent hoarding essential supplies like toilet paper?

HMW create a safe way for restaurants to continue serving food to customers?

HMW enforce and maintain social distancing so that businesses and customers feel comfortable when reopeningChicago?

HMW utilize mass transit safely?

HMW ensure that we prioritize our health while working?

HMW communicate guidelines in a cohesive/overarching way, so everyone is aware of them?

HMW use the tax system currently place to alleviate financial burden from the public?

HMW celebrate special occasions in a creative way?

HMW continue education seamlessly and without interruption for all levels?

What have we missed- what topics would you like to explore with “How Might We” questions?

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